Everything man has created has a known beginning or some will say an action trigger. That is ironic compared to the existence of man, nature and the universe….

Some believe a supreme being exists who caused every other thing to exist and thus has no beginning (How absurd). Another group also believe the earth was formed scientifically:big-bang theory, evolution theory etc (Hasn’t been proved yet, so I’m still skeptical)…

Few days back I met MzBerlin (she was reading a book about Berlin:Germany and that’s what got my attention) and her own logic seemed amusing. She said the only source of her life is her dad and mum and thus whatever they believe as their source of existence is what she believes (Funny how she limits herself to her parent’s ideas).

Personally, I think there is an entity that is responsible for our existence but such entity is not known to man yet and thus we come up with different propositions regarding it. Most spice their ideas with fear of being punished or damned if one questions or disbelieves. (Man was made with free will. why will we be damned if we utilize it?).

Hold unto your beliefs but be guided with morals and ‘common sense’ and maybe just one day, you will have a proof of it.

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