NASA Wants Microsoft’s HoloLens in Space.

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s HoloLens, then here is a quick peek: HoloLens is an augmented virtual reality technology by Microsoft. It can be likened to the Oculus Rift except that most Tech researchers who have had experience with both say they don’t get nauseated from HoloLens unlike Oculus Rift (eg Rachel Metz).


Previously in June, NASA had made an attempt to transport the HoloLens to space but the rocket responsible for that crashed. Now they are planning another attempt scheduled to happen December 3.

NASA hopes to use HoloLens in space stations to enable astronauts work with a remote expert who can see what the astronaut sees and help with unfamiliar tasks. The device might also act as an augmented-reality instruction manual that, uses 3-D images to show an astronaut where to place some equipment or what handle to turn. (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said in an interview that HoloLens will be available to developers within the next year; the timing of a consumer release is still unknown.)

In my opinion, this is how it will work, an expert sitting in a remote control centre will help by using a Skype program Microsoft built for HoloLens in which a forward-facing camera on the HoloLens will let the expert see what the astronaut sees. If needed, the remote expert could draw in mid-air to point out things that the astronauts would see with the HoloLens headset (the whole time, the astronauts could also see a floating video of the expert in front of their faces). Thinking about it, if the procedures are well defined, it will be possible to accomplish a task in a shorter time (One man’s opinion though; But I’m psyched about HoloLens)

Read More here: TechReview

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