5 new things you must know

I don’t know if I should be super excited about all these new military and aerospace technologies or be sad that I live in a country that’s using “stone-henge” technology. Really sickening.


Recently, Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace gave out awards to the best innovative technology and ideas in that field.. Continue reading


NASA Wants Microsoft’s HoloLens in Space.

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s HoloLens, then here is a quick peek: HoloLens is an augmented virtual reality technology by Microsoft. It can be likened to the Oculus Rift except that most Tech researchers who have had experience with both say they don’t get nauseated from HoloLens unlike Oculus Rift (eg Rachel Metz).


Previously in June, NASA had made an attempt to transport the HoloLens to space but the rocket responsible for that crashed. Now they are planning another attempt scheduled to happen December 3. Continue reading


Everything man has created has a known beginning or some will say an action trigger. That is ironic compared to the existence of man, nature and the universe….

Some believe a supreme being exists who caused every other thing to exist and thus has no beginning (How absurd). Another group also believe the earth was formed scientifically:big-bang theory, evolution theory etc (Hasn’t been proved yet, so I’m still skeptical)… Continue reading